JLH Fonts


New Font - Airbrush

The Airbrush font is a display font that resembles an actual airbrush. I created this font using Microsoft Paint. This font includes alphanumeric characters only because including other characters can increase the size of the font file. This font is in the public domain; please read the terms of use at http://jlhfonts.blogspot.com/


New Font - Broken Glass

The Broken Glass font is a display font reminiscent of broken glass. It is based on a block-letter font. It comes with letters, numbers, punctuation and international characters.


Font Update - Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire font was updated today. This update features punctuation and international characters.


New Font - Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Empire Font

The Byzantine Empire font is a sans-serif stencil font created in FontLab Studio and Microsoft Paint. It includes alphanumeric characters only (punctuation and international characters will be added in the future). This font is in the public domain. Please read the terms of use at http://jlhfonts.blogspot.com/.


New Font - Office Junk

The Office Junk font is a grunge mixed style font. It was designed with FontLab Studio and Paint. This font is heavy to load. Due to the complexity of the font's characters, it comes with alphanumeric characters only and is only available in TrueType format. Read the terms of use at http://jlhfonts.blogspot.com/


New Font - Vengeance

The Vengeance font is a calligraphy font designed with a calligraphy pen and FontLab Studio.


New Font - Floppy Disk

The Floppy Disk font is a symbol font that is used to identify floppy disk numbers.


New Font - Calligraserif

The Calligraserif font is a calligraphy and serif font that was designed with a calligraphy pen.


New Font - Heavy Equipment

The Heavy Equipment font is a sans-serif font that resembles the fonts of the Michigan license plates from the 1960's and 1970's.


New Font - Viafont

The Viafont font is a geometric, sans-serif font that resembles the Viacom logo.