JLH Fonts: Terms of Use

Terms of Use

JLH Fonts Terms of Use

Version 1.2

You must read the terms of use carefully before using any font made by JLH Fonts ("Font").

1. Acceptance of Terms

By using any Font, you agree to all the terms contained herein.

2. Use of Fonts

When you download a Font, you agree to use the Font provided that you abide by the following: a) all Fonts are in the public domain (as noted on the Font's copyright notice), which means that you can use a Font for personal, commercial or any other purpose whatsoever; b) you are free to reproduce, edit or otherwise modify this Font; and c) you are free to distribute this Font online or on storage media such as compact discs, flash drives and floppy disks. All Fonts are created with FontLab software and are available as TrueType (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf) formats. Some Fonts come with a Readme file containing the description of the Font along with a license agreement.

3. Discontinuation or Revision of Fonts

JLH Fonts reserves the right to edit, reclaim, delete or otherwise discontinue or revise any Font at any time for any reason.

4. Installing a Font

You can install a Font on an unlimited number of devices (computer, phone, PDA, tablet, etc.). By installing a Font, you agree to all of the aforementioned Terms. Do not install a Font if you do not agree to these terms.