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New Font - Signs for Advertising

Signs for Advertising Font

The Signs for Advertising font is a symbol font with signs made for advertising, such as cars, businesses and products. I created this font using Adobe Illustrator and FontLab Studio 5.

Here is the character map:

Legend - Character: Description

a: Scan this QR Code
b: For Sale by Owner
c: For Sale by Dealer
d: Bank Owned
e: Made in U.S.A.
f: Made in Japan
g: Made in Germany
h: x or Best Offer*
i: Open Late
j: Open on Weekends
k: Hand Made
l: Made with Aircraft Grade Aluminum
m: USB Port
n: Easy Fix
o: Clean Title
p: Rated 5 out of 5
q: Quality Guaranteed
r: Money Bacck Guarantee
s: In Business for x Years*
t: In Business Since x*
u: Buy One Get One Free
v: Buy x Get y Free*
w: Starting At... x*
x: 1 Year Warranty
y: x Year Warranty*
z: For Parts or Repair
`: sign for British pound (£) price*
[: Free Oil Change
]: Gluten Free
~: sign for Yen (¥) price*
_: Open 24 Hours
+: Open 7 Days
-: sign for dollar ($) price*
0: x % off*
1-9: 10-90% off* (in 10% increments)
=: sign for Euro (€) price*
All other characters: QR Code to our Web site

*To use the symbols denoted with an asterisk, first type one of those symbols, then type the desired number in the empty space.